Core common data element
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Core Common Data Element (Cored CDE) is a data element that collects essential information applicable to any study, including either those which span across all diseases and therapeutic areas or those that are specific to one disease area. CDEs are classified as Core CDEs based on the current clinical research best practices. This term may be applied to both the General CDEs and the Disease-specific CDEs. In each case, the Core CDEs are a small subset of the available CDEs, where it is anticipated that investigators will need to collect the Core CDEs on any type of study.

Examples of the General Core CDEs include basic demographic information and basic enrollment data collected from all study participants. Examples of Disease-specific Core CDEs for Traumatic Brain Injury studies include CDEs for the Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended.

Sourced From
National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke (NINDS): Classifications of Data Elements for a Particular Disease
NIH: Common Data Element (CDE) Resource Portal

Core CDE
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