Participate In Initial Industry-FDA Meetings

Learn about Pre-IND Meetings

A pre-IND meeting is a Type B FDA meeting which occurs early in the therapy development process to help to guide trial strategies. These meetings can help facilitate faster therapy approval processes. Pre-IND meetings greatly increase the likelihood of a program’s success by allowing concerns to be addressed early in the trial process. Pre-IND meetings are also a great opportunity to build a relationship with the FDA, minimize costs, and identify preclinical studies that have already been conducted. They are especially important when the therapy is intended to treat a serious or life-threatening disease.  

Note: A pre-IND meeting is for drug development. A pre-BLA meeting is for licensing of biologics. For device development, the process, when required  is called “pre-submission”, but is very similar. 

  • Understand the purpose of pre-IND meetings:
  • Consider the main goals of a pre-IND meeting:
    • Reduce time to market.
    • Address novel qualities of application.
    • Provide guidance to industry/small business Sponsors new to process.
  • Be aware of recurrent problems at pre-IND meetings, especially problems that your group may be able to address prior to the meeting. Identified problems include:
  • Review the list of frequently asked questions the FDA has prepared for Sponsors about pre-IND meetings. Although written for small business and industry, the information answers many of the questions you may be asking as well: Small Business and Industry Assistance: Frequently Asked Questions on the Pre-Investigational New Drug (IND) Meeting (updated periodically).


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