Determine Patients’ Needs

Planning an Externally-Led PFDD

The FDA has multiple resources to help your group plan a successful externally-led PFDD. FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER ) PFDD Program Staff leads the externally-led PFDD program.

  • Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) at least 1 year in advance to the planned meeting date.
  • After an LOI is accepted by the FDA, CDER PFDD Program Staff will reach out to you and upon request provide specific recommendations on the planning of the meeting including:
    • Development of agenda.
    • Discussion/polling questions.
  • FDA cannot provide a meeting space, facilitator/moderator, or financial assistance. 
  • Previous FDA-led PFDD meetings provide examples of agendas, slides, recordings, transcripts, and reports that can help guide the planning process.   
  • Meeting should not require hiring event planners, consultants, scientific writers, or other external resources on your team, especially when resources may be limited.
  • If resources are limited, consider web-based/virtual meetings or including as a session or workshop during an already planned event or conference.
  • Successful meetings include other patient groups and stakeholders in your disease community when possible.
  • Seeking outside funding, for example, from therapy developers or large umbrella groups, is encouraged.
    • Disclose any known funding resources in LOI. 
    • If established after LOI submission, include in the planning materials and deliverables.
    • Therapy developers, whether academic or pharmaceutical, should not be involved in the development of the meeting agenda, discussion/polling questions, or selection of patient panelists. 
  • If you have questions, contact FDA’s CDER Patient-Focused Drug Development Program Staff at  
  • Externally led Patient-Focused Drug Development Meetings , an FDA webpage, provides more information and links to resources in easy to read format and language. 
  • For even more detail, you may consider referring to Patient-Focused Drug Development: Collecting Comprehensive and Representative Input Guidance for Industry, Food and Drug Administration Staff, and Other Stakeholders (2018). However, this resource is written in a more formal style and contains high levels of technical language.
    • This draft guidance (Guidance 1) is the first of a series of four PFDD FDA guidance documents. 
    • Guidance 1 answers the questions:
      • Whom do you get input from, and why? 
      • How do you collect the information?


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