Develop Programs To Speed Diagnosis

Developing Reduced Cost Programs

Depending on how your disease is diagnosed, you may be able to work to offer free or reduced diagnostic testing either through your clinical network if one is established or with the help of a larger umbrella group that includes your disease. 

  • Work with your Scientific/Medical Advisory Board and clinical network to brainstorm possible ways to speed diagnosis.
  • Collaborate with the Sponsor and/or manufacturer of the newly approved therapy to develop diagnostic programs.
  • Consider factors that may affect your ability to develop a program. For example:
    • It may be easiest to develop a program for diseases diagnosed or confirmed by specific tests, such as:
      • Genetic testing
      • Bloodwork
      • Biopsies
    • It may be more difficult for diseases that are still diagnosed clinically, through exclusion of other possible causes, or require multiple tests.


Newborn Screening
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Tips for Success
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